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When it rains. . .

It pours. And floods. It fills our yard and surrounds our house. The creeks rise and overflow. The newspeople call for flash floods and thunder showers for the forseeable future.

Words are that way for me. Sometimese they pour from my fingertips. They rise and overflow. Sometimes a book just seems to write itself.

Occasionaly, I don't have any sort of plan when I begin a book. This time I had the first line. No other ideas, details or plans. Just one line. Twenty-one words or so.

I wrote three chapters the day before we left for the beach. Then I didn't open my computer for five days. I just re-read those chapters and fell even harder for the characters and the storyline.

I love the rain. And I love when the manuscript isn't hard to write. Today, I get both. It's a good day.

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