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Birthdays and clean bathrooms. . .

There is nothing in the world like a clean house. Clean toilet, clean kitchen, clean sheets. Now I haven't seen one in quite a while (ahem), but still I love a clean house. I think better in a clean house. I write better in a clean house. I breathe better too.

This month is my birthday and my mother surprised me with the gift of a one-time kick-butt house cleaning. Two very nice uniformed maids showed up, unloaded their little car and sent me out with my family. When I got back, the house was clean. Sparkling clean. Smells good clean. The kind of clean that makes a mother of four jump up and down giggling and then burst into uncontrollable tears.

I am going to sit down and write a chapter. I plan to give some character an awesome mother in honor of my own. Love you Mom.


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