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Erin's first titles are now available for sale!

Lovett or Leave It

Alabama Brides - Book 1

Emily Davis dreams of open pastures and a new start. Somewhere far from her parent’s high rise in Atlanta. Her grandfather’s farm in southern Alabama seems to be the oasis she’s prayed for. It isn’t until she arrives with her old jeep and every earthly possession that she realizes her mistake. The quiet land and hard work may be her salvation, but a man might be her downfall.


Jason Lovett has changed in the last decade. Almost as much as Emily has. But that doesn’t stop her heart from lighting up every single time he’s near. And since Jason is her closest neighbor and determined to help the single girl next door, Emily finds herself falling again for the handsome stranger that unwittingly broke her heart years before.


Jason is not about to make the same mistakes he made with his wife. He will never fall for a city girl again. Still, he finds himself drawn to Emily even though he is determined to keep a wide berth. When the truth of her past collides with his fear of the future, will they make a mistake they can’t take back? Or will faith forever bind these two searching souls?

Blaming Blake

Alabama Brides - Book 2

Blake Johnson is coming off one of the lowest times in his life. He's changed his ways, straightened his path, but he's still missing something.


Becky Paisley has watched Blake change. She's seen the good and the bad and is still praying for the very best. When Blake comes to her with the most surprising news of her life, she couldn't be more grateful.


These two are on separate roads. Blake is making his way through unfamiliar territory. Becky is embarking on massive life changes. When a crisis brings them together, Blake and Becky must decide if a future is worth the risk.


This is a novella length sequel to Lovett or Leave It.


What Happened in Vegas Followed Her Home

Vegas Brides Series - Book 1


Layla McCann is a twenty-something southern girl with a love for photography and a struggling business plan. When she’s discovered by a local heiress, her world changes overnight.


Madeline Brock is unlike any bride Layla has ever encountered. When she asks Layla to fly to Las Vegas and photograph her wedding party in Sin City, Layla reluctantly agrees. What Layla never expected was to meet the man of her dreams among Madeline’s elite groomsmen.


Roman Gentry would give almost anything to avoid this trip. Spending most of a week in Nevada with his brother’s friends is not what he considers a good time. The shy photographer they brought along is the only bright spot in the city of neon. Getting to know Layla soon becomes his highest priority. Will their return to reality undercut their future or can a romance born in the lights of Las Vegas really survive?

Three Vegas Nights Changed Her Life

Vegas Brides Series - Book 2

Lily McCann is fresh out of college and on the verge of a new start. A disturbing incident with her last boyfriend left her angry and hurt and now she is working to put it all behind her and get on with her life. She has a degree and a plan for a life sculpting young minds. A life that does not include rich, single men with fancy cars and silver tongues.


Warner Robbins has had his eye on Lily McCann since she first served his table at his favorite pub. Now, three years later, he knows it is well past time to make a move. But just as the couple get on solid footing, a choice he made years before and a secret, threatens to undo all the bridges he’s worked to build with Lily.


Will their relationship shrivel under the weight of anger and secrets or will an impromptu trip to Las Vegas be the beginning of a love that will last?

Convincing Cohen

Convincing Cohen is Erin Leigh Crisp’s first journey into contemporary romance.


Cohen Jacobs is a man with responsibilities. He is also a man in dire need of help. When he finally succumbs and lets his baby sister give a professional recommendation, he never expects what walks through his door. Cohen needs a bookkeeper, an office manager and a roofer. What he doesn’t need is the lovely Amaris Thyme playing havoc with his well-ordered life.


Coming off one of the most difficult interviews of her career, Amaris Thyme is simply thrilled to be working at Jacobs’ Gun Shop. Cohen Jacobs is known to be a tough boss, but he is also fair, honest and respectful. Amaris wants to please Cohen, but falling for him was completely unintentional.


When Cohen has to decide between responsibilities and their relationship, will he choose Amaris? Or will his future be as lonely as his past?

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